Merry Christmas

Let me start by saying Merry Christmas to you. Welcome to my blog! I’ve not exactly been on my blog for quite some time. With the holidays approaching and stuff I feel like I had jumped the gun so to speak and started my blog at the wrong time.

But now I’m back and I’m ready to make my blog something great! I appreciate you coming back and supporting my page, and if this is your first time to my blog welcome!

Let’s get started!

Spreading Holiday Cheer

These last few months have been somewhat busy for me. I’ve had Thanksgiving (which I cooked for my whole family for the first time) and several Christmas parties.

Within that time I’ve also decided to take up baking and cake decorating. (Mostly baking right now, but I have some very special plans to start cake decorating.)

With the holidays here, I had to ask myself….have I spread holiday cheer? Did I make anyone’s day special or did I just think of myself this year?  Have you asked yourself whether you made some else feel special? If not, it isn’t too late.

Challenge yourself

There isn’t much time left until the New Year. I know we always say ‘New Year, new me.’ But we don’t have to live our lives like that. The saying should be ‘New day, new me.’

Did you happen to Christmas shop at the last minute this year? If so, why? I’ll tell ya, I shopped at the last minute because I kept buying things for myself throughout the year. I didn’t give Christmas a single thought until about one week until Christmas.

Then it was on. I had to brave the last minute shopping crowds and bare down and buy the gifts I needed to buy. But why should I do that? Had I taken the time and considered someone other than myself for a few weeks, I would have never had to fight the Christmas crowd.

I’m setting a challenge for myself. I want to spread more holiday cheer throughout the year for myself. Instead of constantly thinking ‘oh I love this let me buy this for myself.’ I want to start thinking ‘oh maybe my mom would enjoy having this.’

I’m not saying that I won’t ever buy myself something, because I know I would never stick to that, but instead I want to think of someone else before myself.

My Christmas

I just want to tell you about how good of a Christmas I have had. I have an amazing boyfriend, amazing family, and amazing friends. My boyfriend has super sweet family members and this year has brought me nothing but happiness!

This is my kitty Mittens! He had the time of his life this morning! He ran around and played and I love watching him be happy.

This post is pretty short, but I just want to say Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thank you so much for supporting me! Please keep checking back in to my blog while I settle in and get back into it! ♥️

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