Travel Bucket List

Ever imagine yourself on the beach somewhere or skiing through the mountains? Maybe you picture yourself in a remote cabin in the middle of the woods. Either way, have you ever considered your travel bucket list? I’m going to share with you my TOP 8 places I want to travel.

1 The Caribbean and The Bahamas.

I’ve never been to the beach, and it’s never really interested me all that much, but going to the Caribbean’s and Bahamas on a cruise ship may persuade me. I’ve always wanted to take a Royal Caribbean cruise, but that’s never been in my budget. And I’m not the person to go out of my way just to travel the world, though I would like to. I just have too many responsibilities. The cruise itself would be enough of a vacation for me, but you also have the chance to explore the ancient ruins (which excites me sooo much. I think that is just plain awesome!) and hike through the rain-forest! Are you kidding me?? I love to hike. I just want to go sooooo bad!

2 Italy

Do I really need to explain why I want to go here? The Colosseum, cathedrals,  Venice canals, you name it. Italy is just so beautiful and filled with so much history. I just want to take a tour and absorb all the information. I loved reading about the Renaissance in school. The artwork is just beautiful (my degree has a lot of art background) so I think it would be inspirational to see that in person.

3 Santorini, Greece

Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful. The architect simply is amazing.

4 Paris, France

How many of us are able to say we seen the Eiffel Tower in person? I have never been overseas, but I definitely could not leave Paris off the list. I could just imagine sitting outside having a picnic right in front of the Eiffel Tower. Romantic right? If I ever get married, honeymoon maybe?

5 England

How beautiful and historic is England? I can’t even begin to imagine how I would feel if I were standing in the same country as the Queen!

6 Hawaii

It’s apart of the United States and I’ve never been. C’mon man. I need to get out more!

7 Iceland

Have you ever seen pictures of the Blue Lagoon? If not, it looks absolutely stunning.

8 Brazil

Christ the Redeemer statue. That is impressive. Cable-ways to Sugarloaf Mountain. Sign me up.

I don’t go into much detail on why I want to travel there, simply because most of them I just want to see it. I just want to take in the beauty of the city or country itself. Let me just breath in the atomosphere and seek out the peacefulness of it. With the bigger cities I just want to experience the culture that I’m not used to seeing everyday. I just want to learn about the world. I would love to travel via cruise to some places. Others I would love to fly there.

I want to seek adventure. Everyone says that I should travel while I’m young, but I want to travel whenever I can. I’m not saying I want to pack up and leave tomorrow, no. I have responsibilities. But I want to think that in the future I will be able to experience all these places.

Setting a goal

I’m setting a goal that I will travel to at least ONE of these places by 2025. (Yes I know that’s a long time away, but that gives me a chance to research and plan and save money.) If I play my cards right, I think that whenever I’m able to do one of these things, I can have the full experience. That’s my goal.

These by no means are not the only places I want to travel. I have many other places on my list, but for now I wanted to keep this short and sweet. Have you ever been to any of these places? If so, please post some pictures so I can live vicariously through you!


I want you make a list. Set a long-term goal. Make a list of the top 5 places you want to travel to. Then, pick the one that means the most to you. Write it down. Write a year down with it. The year that you want to take that trip. Once you have that set, work hard towards that goal. If you need motivation to help you get there, please feel free to message me. It doesn’t matter how far away you write. What matters is that you do everything in your ability to turn that goal into a success. I believe that we can do it. You go on your dream vacation. I’ll go on mine and we can reflect together.


Thank you so much for reading! Please comment below your goal so we can motivate each other! Also be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow my Facebook page! 

Brittany 🙂

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