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Spread LOVE everywhere you go. – Mother Teresa

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What is love? 

One literal meaning of love is a deep feeling of affection. So what exactly did Mother Teresa mean when she said spread love everywhere you go? Looking at it literally she said spread a deep feeling of affection everywhere you go. But what exactly does she want us to love? Other people? Nature? What?

When I read that, I take away that she meant everything everywhere. Could you imagine a world where everyone spread love everywhere they went? Imagine going to Walmart or the mall on black Friday. What does that store look like during that time? Where I’m from, it looks like a nightmare. Seriously, I don’t even like the idea of going shopping on that day, but my mom usually wants me to go with her (and I have to be the security guard for her).  During that time, how many fights break out? Arguments? It’s a crazy ridiculous number.

One year after my mom had her second back surgery, she wanted to go to our local Walmart, and this lady elbowed her in the back to push my mom out of the way for some socks. Yes, socks. I was furious. I wanted nothing more than to push that lady down. I seen my mom in tears and boy I do not like to see my mom in tears. Who does? I elbowed that lady back and told her to watch where she was going. My mom was in pain and I let that lady know that.

What could I have done differently? Well I could have controlled me anger and respectfully asked that lady to be careful because she doesn’t know other people’s lives. I could have walked my mom out of Walmart and taken her home right then and there. There’s a million and one things I could have done differently. Thing is, I didn’t. I let my anger get the best of me and what did our parents, grandparents, etc tell us? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Let’s look at that situation if everyone were to spread love everywhere they went. Instead of that lady being all about me, me, me, she could have politely asked to squeeze by my mom so she could get some socks. If my mom was looking at the socks, she could have asked the lady what size she needed and she could have handed her the ones she needed. All the pain and anger could have been avoided just by spreading love.

Loving the environment

Another way we can spread love, is by showing Mother Earth love. Have you ever taken a scenic route home? Or drove down a dirt road in the middle of the country? Do you live in the big city? Think back. How much trash did you see on your way home? Was there enough to fill a trash bag? Spreading love to the environment means we need to quit throwing our trash on the ground. We need to take care of nature so the animals can have a clean home, and we can have a beautiful earth.

Alex and I were out driving yesterday, and we went down a neighborhood here in town. The street that we turned on had land for sale. No houses had been built yet. However, there was so much trash on the side of the road. We seen a no littering sign, but that didn’t stop the trash from being there. I remember looking at Alex and saying, “look at all that trash. That’s so sad.” And to me, it is sad. We should love our world a little more, and not throw so much stuff on the side of the road.

We kept driving and the more we drove, the worse the trash got in certain areas. Then we ended up driving by some farm land, and we didn’t see any trash on the side of the road there. It was absolutely beautiful. We didn’t talk while we rode at this point, but I just took in the beauty of the land. I get so wrapped up in my everyday life and I forget to stop, take a breath, and live in the moment. I don’t take enough time to appreciate just the raw beauty of living on earth. Imagine this with me….there you are, sitting on a rock up high on a mountain. Sitting on a blanket, taking in the air. No distractions. No phone, no internet. Just you meditating. Becoming one with the earth. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Spread love to yourself

For years, I struggled with my weight. I hated myself. I never seen myself as pretty or anything to that extent. There was a time in my life that I wouldn’t eat three meals a day, I’d be lucky to eat one. I was just so low in my life. Slowly, I started gaining a little bit of confidence. I still struggle with my weight (I’m technically considered overweight according to BMI, but I don’t care as much), but I’m no longer afraid to eat. I no longer eat only one time a day. Spread love everywhere, should include to yourself. I should not hate the person that I look at in the mirror. I should love myself. No matter what, I should be filling myself up with love.

Before I met Alex, I had gotten my weight down to where I was confident about it. Now that Alex and I are together, I weigh more than I did before we met. However, the difference now is I don’t worry so much about my weight. I don’t feel the need to have the “perfect” body anymore. I completely love myself. The only thing I want to do now is get in shape just to make sure I stay healthy.

Loving myself is the best thing that I could have done for myself. When I started loving myself, my life seemed to fall together. I met a great guy and I am completely happy.

In conclusion 

Mother Teresa had the right when she said to spread love everywhere. Do you like the feeling of hatred in your heart? Do you like to walk around by yourself because you have no one to turn to? Spreading love is the way you can retrieve happiness. When you’re holding a newborn baby and they look up at you and grin, what feeling do you have inside? When you come home from a long day at work and your pet is overly excited to see you, doesn’t that make you happy. Babies and pets know all about love. They put their love into every single fiber of their being. It may be just a fantasy, but I would love to see a world where everyone loved like a baby or a pet.

Since that’s a fantasy and we live in a reality, I challenge you to spread love. Take the time to spread love to someone or something. Whether it’s cleaning up trash out of the road, paying for  someone’s meal, or even just reminding yourself how important you are, spread the love.


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